Managing Variations in Steel Fabrication

Variations are a given in the construction industry.  The steel fabrication sector constantly faces the perils of managing design changes.  Errors and omissions are incredibly costly to suppliers and mistakes are not easily rectified when dealing with steel.

The process of variation discovery and estimation between model versions has traditionally been a manual task.  Comparing model versions involves reviewing materials lists and noting clouded drawing changes, this is clearly a tedious task and prone to error.

Melbourne based fabricator Page Steel has identified this process as an area to gain efficiency within the business.  Tracking Innovations was commissioned to review this process and determine if a software solution could underpin variation management.  

In partnership with Page Steel Fabrications, Tracking Innovations developed a solution to instantly compare Tekla model rotation reports and material lists.  The variation management tool immediately highlights changes between the two versions; rotation deletions, material and dimension changes and new items.  The variation report may then be exported to Microsoft Excel for further manipulation.  The tool may also be used to create Excel based material and rotation lists from Tekla reports.

It is estimated that the tool has the potential to save Page Steel up to 15 hours a month. Coupled with the benefit of reduced errors, the return on investment derived from the variation management tool is almost immediate.

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