Page Steel Fabrications A perfect fit

"Page Steel Fabrications have attributed much of its success to the implementation of the SteelTrack barcoding system.  The system has successfully linked the office and workshop and given all staff immediate access to all item progress."

- Chris Piacentini, Director Page Steel

After an exhaustive search for a suitable system, Page Steel Fabrications commissioned the development of a barcode based job monitoring solution - SteelTrack.   SteelTrack has been pivotal to the growth of this highly successful fabricator. 

The ability to provide full traceability in the workshop has placed Page Steel in a strong position when responding to significant tenders and has greatly improved workshop productivity.   A significant amount of time is saved in the workshop as employees are not required to manually monitor job progress.  Production errors are minimised and scheduling of workshop activity may be undertaken with real-time production status.   SteelTrack addressed a number of challenges faced by Page Steel:

  • Project managers may now obtain accurate and current information from the workshop to manage the staging of projects
  • Managing delivery forecasts within project programmes has seen dramatic improvement with the availability of live production data.
  • Delivery status is now readily available to site personnel improving work scheduling for rigging teams
  • Employee performance and actuals vs budget reporting now feasible at work centre level
  • The disconnect between office staff and the workshop has been bridged with a shared knowledge of workshop productivity and office drawing management.


The SteelTrack Solution

Barcodes & Process Scanning

A special oil resistant tough tag has been developed and is attached to steel members.  This tag displays a clear member mark, length and weight for easy component identification.  Rugged wireless scanning devices are positioned throughout the workshop allowing employees to scan work on completion of each phase of production.  Page Steel currently tracks machine usage, boilermaking, welding, surface treatment and loading.  Scans on quality assurance checks are undertaken when required.


Real time progress reports will highlight the current status of any steel member within the job and provide an overall picture of job progress. Steel HEAT numbers may also be tracked and reported on within job progress reports.

Driver manifests are produced on completion of transport loading.

Drawing Management

The status of member drawings is handled within SteelTrack, revisions and approval dates are easily accessible.  Project managers and workshop foremen may gain an immediate snapshot of approved drawings to aid in production scheduling.


Implement SteelTrack in your Workshop

SteelTrack is now offered as a custom solution.  Tracking Innovations will tailor SteelTrack to fit the processes of your organisation.  The solution is also suitable for processed based manufacturers outside of the fabrication sector.  Contact Tracking Innovations for further information.