TakeOne intelligent estimates

TakeOne is a highly configurable take off based estimation solution. TakeOne allows estimators to cost any internal or external process undertaken in the construction cycle. 

With a completely configurable user interface, TakeOne will mould itself to your business.

Highly customisable and configurable

Highly Customisable & Configurable

TakeOne is extreamly flexible. Calculation of labour, machine hours, paint systems and other processes is performed using formulas you may modify. TakeOne also has a customisable user interface allowing you to work the way you want. See how and watch our customisation video.

Fast indepth reporting

Fast In-Depth Reporting

Producing informative reports is quick and easy with TakeOne. TakeOne's reporting system allows you to show as much or as little information as you like and print exactly what you see on screen. Take a look at our reporting demonstration video.

Centralised knowledge management

Cenralised Knowledge Management

Do you rely heavily on the skills and knowledge of your estimators?

TakeOne catalogues your closely guarded rates and formulas allowing new estimators to be accurately pricing from day one.