TakeOne intelligent estimates

TakeOne is a highly configurable take off based estimation solution. TakeOne allows estimators to cost any internal or external process undertaken in the construction cycle. 

With a completely configurable user interface, TakeOne will mould itself to your business.

  • Reporting

    TakeOne includes a number of reports which may be customised on implementation to suit your business. The reporting feature allows estimators to 'drill down' on report group areas. Estimators may show as little or as much information they require prior to printing or exporting the report.

    • Reports may be exported to Microsoft Excel
    • Reporting groups drive the logical grouping of items and labour components

  • Grouping Take Off Lines

    Take off lines may be grouped into logical sets such as an area or a stage of a project.

    • These groups may later be used for reporting purposes enabling the estimator to create a summary report for a particular area or stage of a job
    • Formulas may be mass applied to a group of take off lines

  • Create Formulas

    The heart of TakeOne is the formula builder. Any process or contracted task requiring calculation using custom rates or item attributes may be created in the formula builder.

    • Reporting groups may be set to combine formulas when reporting
    • Drag and drop rates or groups of rates for use in formulas
    • Outputs of formulas may be to any predefined unit of measure
    • Formula outputs may be multiplied by any price which may in turn be specific to a job. For example, if a job requires an adjusted workshop rate the formula will use the special price when calculating against the take off line
    • TakeOne - Steel Pack includes a vast array of formulas for use in the steel fabrication industry.

  • Enabling Formulas

    The use of formulas may be restricted to specific item categories.

    • Users can only use formulas on appropriate items
    • Formulas may be switched off for a category if they are no longer applicable to the company or if they are only required for a specific job

  • Special Item Pricing

    Special pricing may be used for items on a specific job.

    • Only the items used on the job are listed with their current price
    • Special pricing is version specific, multiple versions of the same take off may use different pricing mechanisms allowing you to re cost without losing previous bids.

  • Take Off Line Quick View and Statistics Pad

    A quick view of all formulas applied to the item is available in a single click. The Statistics Pad shows a global view of formula outcomes across the job and provides and instant representation of any formula output against a job attribute: When using the TakeOne - Steel Pack, the stats pad may be configured to show cost or hours per tonne as a running total.

    • Instantly break down labour components per unit of a take off line
    • Rapid identification of excessive or underquoted labour or external costs
    • Running totals of hours / cost provides a solid estimate of eventual bid